Windows and Doors

Window & Door Features

Triple Seal

Double neoprene bulb seal provides an air tight window seal plus bristle weather stripping on the window sash.

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Stainless steel hinges

Adjustable concealed hinge allows quick sash realignment without disconnection the support arms.

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Different door styles

Elegant entry doors are custom made to suit the style of your home while providing superior levels of durability.

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Dual arm openner

Provides maximum performance to open and close larger windows with 33% less effort than previous operators.

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Vinyl Windows

Endless glass possibilities

Triple or dual pane, obscure, pinhead, rainy, with many types and styles of grills, low-e.

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Different doors configuration

Manufactured to your unique needs we can provide, left hand swing in or out with or without sidelights or right hand in or out with or without sidelights.

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Recent Projects

Why you should use JEH Windows and Doors for your next project

1. JEH Windows and Doors is Committed using the best quality materials.

Winnipeg’s harsh winters can add stress to your windows and doors reducing their life span. Understanding the impact that our climate can have, JEH Windows and Doors only uses longstanding raw materials designed specifically to withstand our cold winters.

Whether it’s high quality fibreglass for a mesh screen, or fully compressed weather stripping designed to reduce heat loss, we use the highest quality materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques to make your windows and doors.

When you buy a JEH Window or door, you can be sure that it was built to last.

2. Customized JEH Windows and Doors are built to suit your personality in style and design!

Adding artistic value to your windows and doors with custom styles and designs help to differentiate your home from others.JEH Windows makes custom windows to match any design and shape that you may require. We deliver the quality you expect from custom windows, matching your desires flawlessly. Whether you want custom casement windows or bay windows with a special depth, JEH Windows is here to serve you.

3. We care about and recognize your desire for superior customer service!

We care about our clients, and guarantee the highest quality work in Winnipeg. Whether you need windows and doors installed, have questions about our services, or need help designing your very own custom windows JEH windows is the company you can trust. For all your windows and doors needs you can call JEH Windows, and be confident that you made the right choice.

Why Choose JEH Windows?

Choosing a window company to work with can be a stressful process. JEH Windows is here to make that process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Beginning with an onsite consultation, we’ll help you decide which style, designs and configurations will work best for you and arrange for installation at a time that is most convenient for you.

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Why Choose JEH Doors?

Considered one of the leading window companies in Winnipeg, we also manufacture a wide variety of doors including; entry doors, garden doors and patio doors. By specializing in manufacturing steel entry doors we’re able to provide you with a new door that has the ability to resist the harshest and most extreme Canadian weather.


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What Types of Door Construction Materials are Available?